Monthly email report issue



while I’m tracking about 6 WordPress blogs all monthly reports are generated and send out each end of the month, but I’m always missing ONE particular report. I already removed the report, changed the email recipient and re-created the report for that site. A manual report is send out if I request it, but the scheduled report is always missing. How to trouble shoot this? Or is there a bug? I do have this issue a long time now and it is not related to the last two or three PIWIK releases!?

Any idea?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

do you use the latest Piwik version? if you have the problem with latest piwik please create an isssue at: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub
and post there also the output of the core:archive cron script that contained the “scheduled task” output (if you have it)


As said before, it is just a single report that seems not to be generated and/or send. I can create the report from the backend. It is the monthly report of a Wordpress site, in addition there are a few other sites where the monthly report works fine. For the site where the monthly report fails a weekly based report works. Any idea? I have this issue since I started with PIWIK and I keep it up to date so it is not based on a specific version of PIWIK. I do not have setup a cron job, as said all other domains work well.