Monthly data on articles published later than the 15th same month

Hi! We use Matomo on our website where news and articles are published daily. When we select month as the data period, and specify August 2022, we only get data for articles published the 15th of August or earlier. This is consistent for all months.

Anyone familiar with this problem? Does anyone know what we can do to get full monthly statistics?

It looks like you have some issue in the month archiving, when you have too much data…
What about year period? I imagine you get only data until the 15th of January… ?

We started with Matomo at the beginning of July, so annual statistics are not available from January. But when I specify 2022, I only see data for half of July and no data for August.

Can you try this:

--php-cli-options="-d memory_limit=3G"
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Thank you! Will try that :blush: