Month visitors shows 0, while week data > 0


Been using piwik 1.5 fir 3 months now. I have 2 domains on the same server being monitor by piwik. I notice graphical inacurency twice now.
In one case, for domain A, the month view for the total in Novembrer shows zero, while if I look at the weekly view (as well as the daily view), for each period covering the month of November, I see the values > 0 !!!

The other case is for domain B, for the last week in November (28/11 - 4/12) it shows zero, while if I look at the day to day view, all data are > 0 !!!

Is there a way to have the data being recalculate so the roll-up data data base will correct itself ???

How do you explain this situation … ?



symptomatic of archiving not completing, usually due to memory limit or execution time (see php.ini)

Thanks VIP

I’ll search on the symptoms and see how I can avoid this type of behavior in the future. But still, does a tool/command exist in piwik so I could launch to get archiving re-execute for a specific date ?

My client is a GA fan and I don’t want to give him to many immunition :)-D

Thx Max

I think it will be issue of your server or configuration.Check the configuration or if the problem is not solved with configuration then check servers.


Thx sonu2 for your remarks.

Vipsoft is probably right. I have since manage to put a “cron” that run ounce a day at 2 am, which should make sure I have no “due to memory limit or execution time” problems . My dashboard is always showing the data from previous day and on, but that is OK with my client. We may shorten the delay between to cron, but to be determine.

What I will like to understand today regarding zero “number of visits” for the month xx while week data of that month > 0, is the rules to follow in adding in SQL a line to the database “piwik_archive_numeric_2011_xx” (or have it reset). I say add, because when I look into the database, I found no entry for that period with a value = 0.

Any ideas …

Or is there a program one could run to force a database to take the daily data and reset itself for the week a month data.