Month/Period-to-date on 'All Websites Dashboard'

One thing that would be nice would be on the All Websites Dashboard, if instead of (or in addition to) the Evolution column if there could be a month/period-to-date column.
The way it is (or as it appears on ours) is that let’s say we had 100,000 visits last month. Then on the 6th of this month we have accumulated say, 20,000 visits. In that case, the Evolution would show a huge negative value, when in fact, it could be that if one compares the 6th of this month to the 6th of last month, it could be a positive Evolution value. It would be more valuable to be able to see where we are compared to a month (or other period) ago as compared to today versus the End-of-month/period last.
Just a thought.