Monitoring Matomo Itself - automated healthchecks?

Are there any recommended automated healthchecks, DB queries, etc. that could be run to monitor the health of Matomo itself?

The reason for the question… we recently experienced an issue relating to the UsersFlow plugin (issue described here) where rows were being added to the matomo_archive_invalidations table faster than the archiver could clear (approx 15,000/min). The first we realised was when reports weren’t being generated. By then the table was so full (over 30 million rows) it was difficult to fix due to slow running queries - even running extra archivers and increasing AWS RDS processing capacity didn’t help much.

Anyone here have any monitoring / alerting of that nature in place?

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We have experienced these issues for a couple of years now.

One of our most commonly asked question is, has a Segment finished archiving. Our goals is to be more proactive and not reactive.

We started to work on a ping connector to connect for our centralised monitoring/logging/chat-bots. We never finished that project. But it’s in our best interest to do so.
Maybe we can help each other out. I need to look into that.

Currently we’re working on a mvp for the SegmentEditorUI, which is in a testing phase and hopefully released in a couple of weeks. But after that, we might look into this again and most likely these two initiatives could benefit from each other and we can output directly in the UI some info regarding the state of specific segments.

Br, Jorge