Monitor different parts of the same site seperately


I am trying to set Piwik up to monitor two parts of the same site independantly. To use the site a person must register and login, so essentially the site can be split into public and private.

The public consists of roughly 3-5 pages; login, register, forgot login, etc…

The private consists of everything else.

I would like to be able to see the information regarding the private part of the site seperate from what is happening on the public part of the site. Can this be done?

Thank you,

If you want to keep them completely separate one method could be to create 2 sites in piwik use two separate tracking scripts per each desired section.

Site 1 has tags for piwik code on section1, as does section2 its own different piwik tags. basically you are treating the different sections like individual web sites. uses piwik code 1 uses piwik code 2

One problem will be identifying UVs between the sections as now if a person is on one section and then goes to the other you would then have them treated as2 seperate unique visitor incidents.


Ah, thank you very much. That has sorted it nicely.

To get to the private section of the site a user must login from the public section of the site. Therefore the public section will always contain within it’s UV numbers the UV numbers of the private section plus however many unique visitors came to the site but did not register and/or login. To find out the truly unique numbers of the public section, it should therefore just be a simple case of subtraction.

Once again, thank you!