Moderating forum posts and other problems


Two days ago, I started a thread in which I offered a PHP script for tracking direct downloads with instructions, explanations, etc. Maybe it was because of the link to download the script off my website, I don’t know, but I was notified that my post was to be moderated.

The post remains in that state two days after. Not that I feel something is wrong (though I do) but what’s the point of “moderating” users who have posted a number of messages on this forum without spamming or trolling? Shouldn’t we be considered genuine forum members after a few messages?

Moreover, as I wrote in the said thread, I believe there has been several inquiries about such a script.

Second, there are times when a post is denied because it contains a “banned” word. The reason for this is unclear to me and the merits of this in preventing spam or non-cordial behavior on the forum aren’t obvious to me. Actually, it’s just infuriating to a forum member, it is to me, and it won’t deter someone with nefarious intentions. What not show us what word is “wrong”? Really, look at the attachment for another thread I was starting two days ago and tell me what word deserves to be “banned”. Was it “fixed” or “tag” or “img”? I wouldn’t know. The reason the message I finally sent had so few words is that I didn’t know what word was causing the problem. I’m not sure forum members having to post uninformative messages is the way a forum works best.

Last, I find these two items disturbing when spam messages like the one I’ve attached easily make it to the front.

And how about a “number of views” column next to the “number of posts”?

Just to let admins know.

I appreciate the comment. Spam moderation is not perfect, but we try our best to keep the forums spam free. I can’t see why you post was marked. I’ll check it out though. I think the reason we don’t tell people is we don’t want spammers to know what to change. As an aside, if you are reporting a bug, it’s best not to use the forum: Please see this info on Reporting a Bug

thanks again for your contribution, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Then, can someone vet my still to-be-moderated topic? It’s been three days…

I do not see your comment in the queue, but I will forward your bug to one of our developers.

OK. But note that it’s not a comment, it’s a new topic B)