Mod_Rewrite link structure

I also use mod rewrite on my websites. E.g.:

Before: ‘index.php?c=somepage&var1=1&var2=2’

After: ‘index/c/somepage/var1/1/var2/2/’

Everything with Piwik is working just fine. However, it is storing the links in the DB like so: ‘index/c/somepage/var1/1/var2/2/index

Everylink has ‘index’ attached to it… How do I modify Piwik to git rid of it?

Anyone, thanks! style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif

See config/global.ini.php:

; this action name is used when the javascript variable piwik_action_name is not
 specified in the piwik javascript code, and when the URL has no path.
default_action_name         = index

I not found how use the rewriterules.