Misunderstanding and / or bug?

(asrenzo) #1

Hi all,

I’m facing a strange problem I’m not able to figure out.

Consider this setDocumentTitle variants:


Then I would get 2 distincts entries for Cat1 in my Pages and Page Titiles tables. One for title “/Cat1/” and another one for "/Cat1/*" aggregation.

Any clue of ,what I’m missing ?



(Burkhard) #2

In the URL and page title displays under “actions”, piwik treats the slash character “/” as a separator for the tree view that it generates. Apparently, if there is nothing to separate, it treats the “/” as part of the name, like in “/Cat1/” - while “/Cat1/Cat2” is split up properly. If that explanation is correct, you can try to things:

  1. Don’t log names with a trailing slash.
  2. Change the character that Piwik treats as a separator. The definition is in /config/global.ini.php in two params
action_url_category_delimiter = /
action_title_category_delimiter = /

Method 2 has side effects (tree view, maximum string length in the tables).