Missing SummaryRow and TotalsRow

I followed the Guide for Custom Reports and wanted to Test the DataTable functions getTotalsRow() and getSummaryRow() but these rows seem to be always empty.
Do I have to set specific parameters when using ‘processRequest’ to get the special rows in the response? Or does it depend on the module?
I tried it with ‘Live.getLastVisitsDetails’ and ‘UserCountry.getCountry’ but the datatable seems to always miss these special rows.

Hi @Peter_K
As this concerns premium feature, I let @innocraft reply to you…

Hi @Peter_K,

Live module returns raw data, if you’re trying to use a API related to Custom reports it may not work, moreover you may not get aggregated data for Live modules.

Hi @karthik ,
I don’t think I understand it correctly does that mean the functions getTotalsRow() and getSummaryRow() are only available in a premium plugin? Which one do i need?
Or does that mean that UserCountry.getCountry is a Live module? Can you tell me which Module is not a Live modules so I can test if the getTotalsRow() or getSummaryRow() work?

Hi @Peter_K just to confirm are you trying to create a plugin that creates custom reports for your plugin?
Or are you referring to our Custom Report Plugin: https://plugins.matomo.org/CustomReports

The specific modules you have tested don’t have such a Row. You can refer to the reporting API to see what is available: https://developer.matomo.org/api-reference/reporting-api#UserCountry

Hi @V.K,
the goal is to create a Custom Report in own Plugin similar to this tutorial https://developer.matomo.org/guides/custom-reports-extended which I think has nothing to do with the same named Custom Report plugin.
I now use just the REST API to get the necessary data like:

@V.K @Peter_K @karthik
Sorry, I misunderstood the initial need, as I understood it was about the Custom report premium plugin (then I routed the question as premium plugin, sorry again)…