Missing Stats

I have moved piwik to a new server, and did the DB import, which worked great

only issue is, some of the sites are missing on the new server

I can see them in the DB on the old and new servers, 5 of them they just don’t show up in the dashboard

any ideas ?


Do you see them in the admin section?

try clearing browser cache?


Its not a caching issue, i have tried from a machine that has never looked at the piwik reports

the domains are just not there, in dashboard, or in all websites, as if they did not import from the SQL dump, but they are showing in the DB itself

Anyway in phpadmin you can do a database check or repair? Maybe make a back up try?

under DB, this is all there is

host = "localhost"
username = ""
password = "
dbname = ""
tables_prefix = "
charset = “utf8”

problem solved, it was a “visibility” issue on some domain names

thanks for your help