Missing Insights (and Movers and Shakers)

I am missing the “Insights” from the dashboard selector – and I also can’t find it anywhere else. My Matomo installation is probably 10yrs old, but of course I always updated my installation so I am using the latest version 4.13.0. Do I have to install Insights seperatly? Or can I activate it somewhere?
Thank you!

Just a quick update: nothing changed. I just updated Matomo to the latest version but I am still missing “Insights” from the Dashboard Menu – and of course also still missing the"Movers and Shakers" widget. I hope somebody can help? Thank you!!

Hi @tillin
Sorry, I missed your first message
I think you can activate Insight via: :gear: > System > System > Plugins, then navigate to Insights (core)

There, click on Activate, confirm your password, and that should activate the plugin.