Missing .htaccess file in plugins/ExamplePlugin/config

I am new to Piwik but have worked with opensource and php programming before. I am running the install process and the only error I have is that the .htaccess file is missing in plugins/ExamplePlugin/config. Do I just create a blank txt file and upload it here? I don’t see a file in the original download. A prompt response greatly appreciated!


Hi I have some htaccess files in some of my web pages but teh main one I have is at teh php.ini level. I have had a few permission related install issues but that was nothing more than adjusting the permissions in one or 2 folders.

What is your server environment?

Not sure what info you need but it is running PHP 5.1.3RC. What else do you need. The error is showing up on the 2nd page of the install on the File integrity check


Could you send a screen capture? or eventually a copy of text of whats being shown?

Can you tell me what are the permissions on the folder being errored on? ( i mean is it 755 etc)

Permissions on “plugins” folder are rwx r x r x and for ExamplePlug and the config folder they are the same (sorry I don’t know the numbers)

Screen show attached

Hi ok I think it may be something else completely different. Can I ask you how did you upload the files to install with? What are you using mac or PC? How did you upload your files via a web browser? FTP client? It could be just the manner you uploaded that is causing teh problem.

Actually I uploaded with FrontPage. I had to reupload a couple of the pages using the file manager because their size was a little off but that fixed it. I can’t seem to upload a complete folder through file manager though.

I recommend you use a ftp client that is not corrupting the file encoding and thereby causing some install errors.

I would recommend Smart ftp client freeware and allows folders to be uploaded, worst case create a folder on your site then upload the contents to it.

Or upload a zip and unstuffit from the server side and not via frontpage.

try that delete and start from scratch with a ftp client im betting will be smoother.

Thanks - will try that - my server is flaky when it comes to ftp and frontpage - so it is not a simple thing to do - but if it fixes the problem so be it. Will confirm when done if it fixed the issue


Using FTP all worked correctly - thanks

Awesome great to hear!!! Enjoy the piwik!!!