Missing entry_nb_visits, exit_nb_visits and url in API response

(stefanwild) #1

When I request Actions.getPageTitles via API for dates > 2009-12-31, I’m missing entry_nb_visits, exit_nb_visits and url in the XML repsonse.

On the other hand, I have redundant entries in the subtables for dates < 2009-12-3, e.g. one labeled " Home" and one labeled “/Home” (JavaScript on the page is OK) with different amounts of visits and actions. This happens in the web front-end as well.

Can anyone help?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Piwik 0.5 was released on Dec 9 and changed how page tracking works - if you experience such issue with recent stats (from after you upgraded to 0.5) this would be a bug.