Missing ecommerce data only in reports after upgrade to 2.0.2


After a smooth upgrade to 2.0.2 recently I noticed that there is some ecommerce data missing. Specifically any data relating to ecommerce under:

Ecommerce & Goals tab -> Goal Ecommerce conversions by type of visit -> all reports here

All ecommerce data appears present above “Goal Ecommerce conversions by type of visit” and on dashboard. It’s just that the data is 0 for any report in the lower half of the Ecommerce & Goals tab. This includes fields:

Ecommerce Orders
Total Revenue
Ecommerce Order Conversion Rate
Average Order Value
Purchased Products
Revenue Per Visit

Note that this was working fine in 1.12 and is a vital part of my website optimization process, especially the custom variables report. I’ve checked open tickets and this forum but have not found anything relevant. Since the data is showing up in other places, I believe it must be a reporting problem rather than a collection problem.


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Indeed i’m not aware of this problem. can you post screenshot of Visitor Log showing ecommerce conversions, and then screnshot of ecommerce reports showing missing data?


Sure. here they are.

Odd, huh?


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Thanks for the report, I could reproduce on the demo and created ticket at Attribution by Campaign Keyword is not working as expected (zeros) · Issue #4454 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub


same problem


Guys, we have the same problem. We can’t see the amounts from the compaigns anymore , and it is vital for us, as we do quite a lot of analysis, the whole marketing department is using that data. Please let us know, if any solution is available, or is it possible to downgrade to the previous version ? But that would also be bad, as the browsers of our BB10 devices, froze when we accessed the old version of piwik, the new one works very nice :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance

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Can you try upgrade to 2.0.3-b6 from Index of / ?

I now cannot reproduce the bug anymore so it seems we’ve fixed it indirectly? please confirm if you sitll have the issue with latest beta!


Fixed. thanks