Missing certains stats and Icons since 1.3 update

So far it’s not displaying list of keywords, best search engines or list of external websites. I patched to fix the live visitors issue. Also there are no more search engine icons. (Can provide login info to admin if needed)

Same after last update 1.3.0
"There is no data for this report"
Message for this widgets
List of keywords
List of external websites
Best Search Engines

But other widgets works fine, WTF???


Same here, basically everything under the actions panel is left blank (no data). Strange thing is that for instance tracked outlinks and downloads show up nicely in live-view and visitor log.

I’m seeing identical problem. Can’t figure out what’s wrong… incredibly frustrating.

That is really strange indeed, can you please send me Piwik URL + login + password + FTP access to Piwik + bug description by PM and I will take a look, thanks

Unfortunately, you need a public/private key to access my server. My hardware is super paranoid… but we could figure something out via IM. I’ll PM you.

Matt -> Sent PM with my login info. Older dates before the upgrade show all stats fine but no SE icons

Yes, my stats are also still functional from before the upgrade… but all action stats thereafter are not showing.

Hopefully there will be a patch soon, so we can get on with our statistical lives…

illestone, your FTP times out so I cant connect

Mandrunk also your FTP also times out… thanks

I had several problems after the upgrade to 1.3 on Windows/IIS:

  1. Most of the reports showed “There is no data for this report”. The issue was that I was using a scheduled job to archive the data every hour. In the powershell script I have modified the $PHP_INI variable in accordance to the instructions here: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo. But during the upgrade the script was replaced with the new version hence the $PHP_INI was set back to its default value. That caused the scheduled job to fail.

  2. The “Visitors in Real Time” plugin does not show the list of visitors but shows only the number of visits. I could not figure out what was causing this so I replaced the plugin files with the ones from v 1.2 and that started working again.


  1. is a recurrent problem that we must fix for windows users. Can you please, submit a patch, that will let you define as a parameter your PHP path that the script will use, if it is passed to the script? it would be great, and would solve the problem for future updates and other users (I can’t do it since I don’t know the powershell stuff)

  2. Did you try the patch in: 301 Moved Permanently ? it should fix the issue

The patch helped with the plugin. It now shows the list of visitors. But when I go to the visitor log page it shows the past day’s visitors, even though I have selected to show today’s visitors. Can this be related?

I’ll look into providing patch for the powershell script.

But when I go to the visitor log page it shows the past day’s visitors, even though I have selected to show today’s visitors.

That would be a bug for sure, can you please PM piwik url + login + password + bug description + FTP access to Piwik (if there is actually a bug it will help gettin git fixed)

I am on shared hosting with limited access, so providing my credentials would not be such a great idea. Anyway, went back to 1.2.1 and everything is fine again.

Further to matt’s advice via PM, I’ve fixed the issue by changing to PDO_MYSQL, dropping the archive for the current months and then re-archiving… although I had to re-compile Apache because I didn’t have PDO_MYSQL enabled before.

OMG it’s all about mysql driver!
Why u don’t test before release update?

Thought I already posted this yesterday, but changing the database adapter from MSQLI to PDO_MYSQL solved my problems with v1.3 as well.

xDriver/binhdo: php version? also in your phpinfo, what is the client api for mysqli?

After the upgrade to 1.3 there are not stats for keywords/search engines. What do I need to do to fix that? Please in easy to understand steps. Thanks.