Missiing data for July 1?

At 11:30pm last evening (July 1) piwik indicated a normal number of visitors had visited my website for the day. This morning (July 2) piwik indicates visitors are visiting my website as usual, but that there were 0 visitors to the website on July 1… ???

This is the first time piwik has “lost” any of my data that I’m aware of.

I logged out & logged back in but this had no affect.

I am using piwik 1.5.

Anyone have any ideas?

Try deleting archive_XXX tables for July, they will be re-created from the logs.

Does it fix the issue?

I had the same problem for yesterday (July 6) in Piwik 1.5

Deleting archive_numeric_07 fixed the problem (for the moment).