Misreported Location Stats


I’ve just installed Piwik. It is misreporting the location of visitors. For example, right now I’m in the United Kingdom, but it’s reporting me as being in the United States. Is there something that can be done to improve the accuracy, perhaps to integrate the Maxmind Geolocation database?



Get the GeoIP plugin. By default, Piwik guesses the location from the browser’s accepted language locale.

See: http://forum.piwik.org/index.php?showtopic=1122

Good news: GeoIP is now integrated in Piwik, enabling Accurate Visitors Geolocation in your Analytics reports. To enable GeoIP go to the Settings > Geolocation admin page, and follow the short instructions.

You can also get an even more accurate Country & City Database from here to enjoy top accuracy in detecting your visitors locations.

See also the documentation about Geolocation - Analytics Reports in Piwik.