Migration plugin requirements

Hello, I have noticed one issue installing the migration plugin. On the latest version of Matomo, it is required that I have the default “Login” plugin installed. While on previous version, like 3.9.1, such requirement did not exist. Is this a bug? I am using a custom login plugin so I have disabled the default one.

Any information about this?

Sounds to me like this: Cannot install Custom Alerts with ldap enabled? · Issue #192 · matomo-org/plugin-LoginLdap · GitHub

I looked into the migration plugin but I’m not seeing anything there that requires the login plugin. I’ll assign the ticket to the current milestone.

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@thomas_matomo Thanks for the reply.

One more question about the plugin: Does it import the statistics of one website to another instance based on siteID or based on the URL? My use case is I want to use this plugin to combine two different instances, but the siteIDs of my websites on these two instances will be different.

So for example, if I want to migrate one website with siteID 1 from one instance, and this website has siteID 2 in the other instance, will it be imported correctly or it will migrate to siteID 1 which might be a completely different website?

It does it by idsite @matintern, not by url and AFAIK it will import them into a new site on the target instance.