Migrating 2.16.1 use of /piwik/api/piwik.js?

I am converting on on-premise instance of Piwik (originally installed about 2 years ago) to an AWS instance. Both versions are 2.16.1 (Linux and MySQL). I have the new instance running, and all appeared fine until I noticed that references in some of our HTML tracking code such as the snippet below:

script src="//xxxmyhostxxx.com/api/piwik.js?pid=2&custVar=

On my new install of 2.16.1, there is no API directory. I also see inside that version of piwik.js a call to c.php to handle iframes. I’m new to this company, and no one recalls that being any type of custom code (I’m waiting to be able to inspect the code).

Does anyone recall if Piwik every had an API directory or there was once a plugin that created it? I have searched Google and the Marketplace plugins and I don’t see any reference to this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi Jeff

this is not a piwik code, but likely some other tools or service that wraps the Piwik code. We would recommend to use the standard Piwik code if possible.