Migrate 1 Piwik Site to Matomo

We have been using Piwik at our organization for a couple years, currently on v3.1.1. Over the years the database has grown very large (150gb +) and we haven’t had much success cleaning up/reclaiming that disk space. We would like to build a new server running Matomo and migrate only a select few sites that we are still interested in from our existing Piwik installation.

There seems to have been a Site Migration plugin in the past that is no longer available. When researching the topic I see a lot of people who want to move their entire Piwik db, and there seems to be some instruction around that, but I really only want to move a couple sites.

Can anyone advise on the best way to do this?

Happy new year everyone! Bump to hopefully get some help on this issue.


Today a new plugin was published that does exactly what you want:

Keep in mind that this is not well-tested yet and I think also doesn’t migrate all data yet, so please take a backup of both ends before you try it out.

The plugin is now available on the Marketplace: Migration - Matomo Plugins Marketplace :tada: