Merging raw data from dbase backup

We have lost some reports due to deleting raw data automatically and then invalidating reports. ‘Regularly delete old raw data’ was set to 365 days, so we have solid raw data for the last year, and I’d like to restore as much of the previous data as possible.

Is it possible to merge old raw data with current by importing some tables from a mysql dump? If so, how many tables would I need to import?

I’m sure this will probably generate more questions once I get started.

In case anyone finds him/herself in this situation, I’ll share the solution that worked for me. Rather than restoring the raw data for just one site and then trying to figure out how to trigger archiving for it, I decided to restore all archive data for 2018-2019. This seemed like a much simpler solution. The downside is that I can’t re-archive that past data if I want to create a new custom report, but restoring the basic reports was the most important part for me.

And now that I understand the consequences of setting raw data deletion and invalidating historical reports, I’m implementing a system of regular backups and more reasonable raw data retention settings.

I do wish there was a way to limit the timespans available to invalidate historical data. Or perhaps a more explicit warning about invalidating a timeframe that no longer has any raw data?