Merge stats site 1 + stats site 2?


Is it possible to merge the statistics of 2 different websites that have a different piwik code, please ?

I made a French and a Dutch speaking versions of my website, I created a 2 Piwik codes to have the statistics of each part of this site, but I also would like to display the global visits and statisitcs of French and Dutch sites… (code 1+ code 2). How to do, please ?

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You can’t do that, you would have to add a second global tracker in these two websites. This is a frequent feature request but would require some large changes in the code. See also ticket:

Is this feature still not possible ?
Last week i duplicated my online website to my local pc but forget to disable the piwik tracker. Now in production i have two websites and all past statistics are related to the local copy …
Any help to copy back all statistics in one site are welcome.
Thank you


any one help here? Something went wrong with the Piwik WP plugin and resetting was the solution, BUT that created new sites, and so now I want to join sites A with site B. Surely some SQL can do this - maybe?