Merge stats site 1 + stats site 2?

(Ratatosk) #1


Is it possible to merge the statistics of 2 different websites that have a different piwik code, please ?

I made a French and a Dutch speaking versions of my website, I created a 2 Piwik codes to have the statistics of each part of this site, but I also would like to display the global visits and statisitcs of French and Dutch sites… (code 1+ code 2). How to do, please ?

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(Matthieu Aubry) #2

You can’t do that, you would have to add a second global tracker in these two websites. This is a frequent feature request but would require some large changes in the code. See also ticket:


Is this feature still not possible ?
Last week i duplicated my online website to my local pc but forget to disable the piwik tracker. Now in production i have two websites and all past statistics are related to the local copy …
Any help to copy back all statistics in one site are welcome.
Thank you

(Alan) #4


any one help here? Something went wrong with the Piwik WP plugin and resetting was the solution, BUT that created new sites, and so now I want to join sites A with site B. Surely some SQL can do this - maybe?