Merge similar URLs for statistics

My application has URLs in the following form, with numeric identifiers for records:


Most of the time when looking at the Pages section in Matomo I would like to know "How many users are going to the “contacts” page vs the “details” page, and I do not care about the particular numeric identifier in the URL.

Here is a screenshot of my current results for this situation:

I would like to easily see that the “contacts” page has been visited 9 times versus the “details” page visited 4 times, but right now I would have to manually sum these values together to see this.

Is there a way to combine page view statistics from different numeric URLs?
Should I be looking at creating a custom report to see the results the way I want, or is there a built in feature for this scenario?

One workaround to my issue that came to mind would be to remove the numeric identifiers when tracking Page Views, for example track literally “organizations/id/details” instead of tracking the numeric identifier. This is not a perfect solution for me since we may be interested in the identifiers in the future.

Any advice would be appreciated