Menu "Visitors" → "Locations" is labeled "Provider_SubmenuLocationsProvider" instead of "Locations"


On two Piwik installs I am running the menu item “Visitors” → “Locations” is labeled “Provider_SubmenuLocationsProvider” instead of “Locations”. This occurs if English or German are selected in the backend’s language settings, and possibly even in all other languages.

I have three Piwik installs. On one everything is fine and the menu shows up as “Locations” correctly. The two other installs are newer and have in common that they are used to analyze the stats of multiple websites. I am not aware of any other differences. All of them use the current version of Piwik (2.12.1) but the problem already existed in the past.

Any ideas on how to fix this are welcome.


Hi codifex,

I also had same issue. I made an entry in htdocs\plugins\Provider\lang\en.json for Provider_SubmenuLocationsProvider. That fixed my issue.

Below is the updated file content

    "Provider": {
        "ColumnProvider": "Provider",
        "PluginDescription": "Reports the Internet Service Provider of the visitors.",
        "ProviderReportDocumentation": "This report shows which Internet Service Providers your visitors used to access the website. You can click on a provider name for more details. %s If Piwik can't determine a visitor's provider, it is listed as IP.",
        "SubmenuLocationsProvider": "Locations",
        "WidgetProviders": "Providers",
        "ProviderReportFooter": "Unknown provider means the IP address could not be looked up."

You might need to make similar changes in other language json files as well.

Hope this helps.



Thank you! However, I am wondering why it is missing and if this is the right place for the translation. This string is missing on all the Piwik sytems I am administrating, however, it is available in the backend on one of the Piwik systems!

I made a full install from the original Piwik package and I am always performing a full update by overwriting all files on the server with the files contained in the Piwik download ZIP file.

(Matthieu Napoli) #4

The only mention on that I could find is this issue: Fixing geoloc title for visitors submenu by gboddin · Pull Request #7610 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

It seems this translation is not used anymore, is it possible you have an plugin enabled? Or the update didn’t update all files? Try to reupload Piwik completely from the latest archive (@codifex seem to have done that already though, so I don’t really know how to help more).


The problem even exists on Piwik running on a subdomain (in English, German, and possibly all other languages too):

I do not use any 3rd party or custom plugins.


Just remove “piwik/plugins/Provider/Menu.php” and clear “piwik/tmp” folder.