Memory can't be read!



I installed piwik 1.4 on a Local wamp (apache 2.0.63 + PHP 5.1.3).

When I run piwik, I always have this error (on the attached file) “memory can not be read”.

looking at the php error log file, I found this error at the same moment with the bug :

PHP Fatal error: Can not redeclare class piwik_loader in C: \ wamp \ www \ piwik \ core \ Loader.php on line 19

Any solution?


(vipsoft) #2

looks like a buggy version of mod_php

try installing xampp which has newer versions of apache, mysql, and php.


i did it that at first, but i had problèms with piwik ( any stats, and problèmes with pdo modules)


I’m on PHP 5.2.11 and apache 2.2.11 and it work well now. thanks !


When I run piwik1.4 , I had this problem too.
I am on Php 5.3.5 and apache 2.2.16. Why I still have the problem “httpd.exe ‘0x0000… memory can not be read’”.