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thank you so much for your great blog

I have a question concerning the email-report of custom variables.
I tried to send me the key/value pair but I only get one table (name of my custom variables) in the piwik report.

I really would like to get the content of the variable also in the report and additionally I want to add my members in the structure of the “Besucherüberblick”.


Before I used custom variables, the Members (Benutzer) were always = 0; what’s right, because there was no logged in/yes, no question. But now they are gone in the visitor overview!!
I want to add my custom variable to the visitor overview, like before the MEMBER/Benutzer were.
How do I do that?
Why are my members no gone?!

Why can i NOT use the variable member, even when i am creating a custom varialbe


Name Wert
Eindeutige Besucher 152
Benutzer 0
Besuche 271
Aktionen 3151
Maximale Aktionen pro Besuch 160
Aktionen pro Besuch 11,6
Durchschnittliche Besuchszeit (in Sekunden) 00:28:47
Absprungsrate 32%

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Eindeutige Besucher 218
Besuche 306
Aktionen 3319
Maximale Aktionen pro Besuch 208
Aktionen pro Besuch 10.8
Durchschnittliche Besuchszeit (in Sekunden) 00:22:22
Absprungsrate 29%

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(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

please comment on this issue which is what you need: PDF/HTML Reports: Expand Actions reports (and some others) by default · Issue #2137 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

(PS: please post one different forum per question :slight_smile: )


thank you so much, I think, when this will be implementet it will resolve my key/value problem

but I still habe the problem, that my variables are not counted in the statistics of Member/ Not Member… why is there a Member variable, when it is never used?! and how can i use it