MediaAnalytics for Latest Version of Wordpress

Hello. My website is 100% wordpress. When I paste spotify and other media links, wordpress automatically coverts them to widgets for play. I’ve tested multiple times and the MediaAnalytics plugin does NOT see it. It sees when I physically upload video and music files for media play. Is there a new version of the plugin coming out to work with the new way Wordpress handles media?

Hi Anthony,

Is the media placed in an iframe? If so media analytics will not be able to track this.


Well, that’s unfortunate since WordPress does that by default now… Even the “embed” option from the Spotify Devs section isn’t recognized. That’s a real bummer. Any suggestions or roadmaps? I understand on the open source side, but this is a paid plugin…

If you can share your site with the media embedded with, we can investigate and see if there is a path forward.


Thank you! I’m sending the email now.