Media Analytics: Video titles get lost after finish event

We discovered the following issue:

Video titles get lost after finish event


  1. Create a tracked webpage with an html5 video and title, e.g.:
  2. Play the video and let it finish.
    Note: The tracker sends the play and finish events including the title (ma_ti=“My Title”) to piwik.php
  3. Jump back to some position in the video timeline and let the video play again.
    Problem: The tracker sends the new play event and all following events with empty title (ma_ti="").

According to the (minified) JS tracker code there is a reset() function that clears “mediaTitle”. This function is called at the “finish” event which is triggered at the end of the video. All subsequent events that do not set a new mediaTitle (including the play event) now miss this information.

Hi there,

thank you for mentioning this. We have actually fixed this issue just a few days ago and are currently waiting for the fix to be confirmed. We expect to release an update by Friday or Monday.