Media analytics tracking bitrate and buffered time


Can we have media analytics also track the bitrate, buffered time, network Failures when the video is played? This would help to derive QoS metrics for the media.
Is there a way, we can calculate the number of concurrent plays for a video at a given time.

Thanks Lukas/Thomas for moving the query to the forum.
This is how I see it be implemented,

  1. AvgBitRate: Most of the players have an API to get the bit rate, Calculate the avg bit rate on the client side and send it to the server for every ping interval, This would be a new column in piwik_log_media
  2. Buffered Time: Similiar to the Watched time, Calculate the buffered time
  3. Bandwidth Consumed: Watched time * Avg bitrate gives the Bandwidth consumed.
  4. Failures: Failures like if the player couldn’t or stopped streaming.

In the video titles dashboard , the above metrics can be captured.

Also would be great if we can capture the type of Video i.e LIVE/VOD.

Dashboards :

  1. Buffered time or Buffer Ratio vs time
  2. Number of failures vs time
  3. Bandwidth consumed vs time

Awesome this really helps us. As always, we really want to build something that provides value and is useful therefore we are asking for such feedback. I will add this to our current notes.

Points 1-3 are quite clear. The failures we would likely report as event I suppose. Not sure if we can capture LIVE/VOD, this is something we’d need to look into.

In dashboards when you say “vs time” not sure what you mean by that? You mean eg “Number of failures per hour” or something?

Would you be looking at this data also a couple of months back or is it rather important to have more detailed “live” insights lets say only for a few days back?

HI Thomas ,

Good to have it vs day (date)

Yeah Live insights are needed, since we are calculating the metrics related to Quality of service. And some times need to look back into a couple of months back to figure out how the service is improved and derive the KPI’s accordingly…

Awesome thank you, very appreciated. If anyone has further input / ideas / feedback please let us know.

Hi Thomas

How is it going… Do you let me know if I can be of any help?.
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we haven’t worked on it yet unfortunately as we are currently focussing on a couple of new features for Matomo like GDPR etc. It is still on our roadmap though.