Mechanism of "session_save_handler = dbtable"

I’m thinking of redundancy Piwik.
But the answer is written in the following URL.

Does Piwik work in a load balanced environment? How do I setup Piwik for high scale tracking?
How do I use the database to store session files, instead of storing sessions in files?

There is one thing I don’t understand…

If redundant, will you become such a configuration?
I tried to illustrate.

[======Load Balancer=====]

[Server#1] [Server#2] [Server#3] (config/config.ini.php is same.)

_[DB #1] ----cron---- [DB #2] (session_save_handler = dbtable)

what do you mean ? what is the problem / question ?


Case of Piwik’s redundant, I want to comment about a figure is correct or wrong.