Matomo's visit data showing in visitors log but is missing everywhere else

We have migrate our matomo on another server and we used queuetracking plugin to store tracking data during the process. On the new server, we have process the queue table to have matomo data up to date and we have setup a cron job for archiving.

Everything seems ok but we realised that the tracking overview is missing under visitor panel (real time etc) but present in visitors log for the following day, and for the day after, everything works fine again.

Does someone have a idea on how to fix that ?

For info :
We used the same matomo’s version during migration
We have transfer the old database from another without the queue table and we processed it after matomo was succesfully setup.
Matomo’s tracking code works properly (real time & visitor panel except for one day)
The cron job is set for every hour and worked properly
Finally, we disabled the queue plugin.

I rolled back to the third version - the fourth turned out to be too unsuccessful (IMHO)
I have neither the time nor the desire to constantly fix something and look for what does not work well, no offense …