Matomo version: 3.3.0 - Visitor logs present but Reports not generated


We are on Matomo version: 3.3.0.

Our matomo installation randomly stopped generating reports for user visits March 29th onwards. It is however generating visitor logs which I can see under Visitors -> Visitor Log. The visitor log actually displays the page urls visited.

I saw a similar issue in another forum post where the recommended solution was to move to BIGINT for the tables storing the log data. However, in the latest version of Matomo, the one we are on, the table’s primary keys are already BIGINT.

Would appreciate any pointers in debugging this. Definitely looks like something is up with the report generation. We have “archive reports when viewed from browser” disabled and generate report using the windows task scheduler as prescribed here - How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Look forward to hearing back


In that case I would check if the task is still executed and what the log of the archiving shows.

Thanks a lot for the pointer. We did that, turned out our job was failing because the user who had setup that job had recently changed his password. IT issue really… All fixed now.

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