Matomo - unexpected maintenance mode

Hi everybody.

I’m facing a curious bug on my Matomo installation.
In backoffice, when I clic on system diagnostic (under diagnostic tab) or else ( like extensions under system tab), matomo goes into maintenance mode automaticaly. (I could make a video to show you but it’s exactly what you picture)
I’ve got some errors on the logs file but nothing related to this behavior (permission denied by server configuration on tmp folder for example)

Do you guys have some idea of what happen or some trails to follow ?
This bug appear after configuring redis succesfully for archiving report and queuedtracking plugin and, when I asked my web hoster to change the memory_limit value of php for 18Go (for archiving error reasons)

Matomo version : 4.14.2
PHP version : 8.0
Mysql version : 10.6.12 MariaDB

Thanks in advance for any help.