Matomo Tagmanager Events not tracked

Hi there,

I have a form on our website. We have no thank you page, after “sent” the page is the same.

These are the setting in Matomo Tagmanager
Tigger: Form ID equals “form id”
Tag: Tracking Type “Event”, Category “Contact”, Event Action “Submit”, Event Name “example”

These are the settings in Matomo goals
Goal is triggered: "When visitors “send an event”
Event name is exactly “example”

That’s it, however, when I click the send bottom I only see in live data “form id sent”. But it don’t show it in goal with the value. :frowning:

As “form id sent”, do you see



Thanks for your message.
No I see this

I also tested it with css


Sorry for the delay…
How was the submitted form tellus-form-product- form submission event fired?
Did you configure the use of sendbeacon (in the Matomo configuration variable of an MTM container)?