Matomo reporting less conversions than our 'official' statistics. Why are some conversions missing?

Hi there, my company uses Matomo to track lots of things, including purchases/conversions on our site. However, consistenly Matomo reports roughly 10 less conversions per day than the official stats in our back-end. I have looked through the logs, both in our back-end and in Matomo, and for most of the purchases, I can see them in both places, but for some purchases, they are just not reported in Matomo at all.

There doesn’t seem to be any obvious reason for this. The purchases are no different than other purchases that DID get logged in Matomo. When a user completes an order on our site, they are presented with a ‘thank-you’ page, and when this URL is hit, that’s what triggers the Matomo event. There are no other ways to complete a purchase, without hitting that URL.

Is it possible certain customers had software installed that would stop Matomo from tracking their actions on our site? Any other possible reasons?

Update - Looks like Ad Blockers are the issue, I did some test orders without the adBlockers extensions activated (uBlock Origin and AdBlock Plus), and they went through to Matomo just fine, then did some with the Ad Blockers on, and they didn’t get through.

If anyone knows of a way to get around the Ad Blocker issue, please let me know, (as long as it’s legal).Our Matomo service is self-hosted.

I know there is this , but according to the github Issues, it no longer works.