Matomo-ProtectTrackID is not supporting in matomo 4.X version

Hello Matomo Team,

The latest version of Matomo 4.X ‘ProtectTrackID’ is not supporting and we using ‘ProtectTrackID’ many of the sites to track visits. Could you please tell us when you will start support ‘ProtectTrackID’ ?


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The “ProtectTrackID” plugin is not maintained by the Matomo, so you need to ask the author of the plugin. And in fact someone already did and you can find the progress here:

Hi guys. I’m Joubert, the maintainer of ProtectTrackID plugin.

Thanks for use this plugin and sorry for a big delay to update this plugin to work with Matomo 4.X

Recently I changed repository name from to

After this I tried so much times contact with Matomo team to fix things about this change without success. I need to fix this to publish new release for Matomo 4.X.

@Lukas Can you help me about this? Thanks


Hi @joubertredratvery very sorry this took so long. I’ve just changed it. Could you try this again please and let me know if it works?

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Hi @thomas_matomo, don’t worry. Yes! Worked here. I tested here and I did freeze for old Matomo 3.X. Now I’m working on update for Matomo 4.X.

Thanks for help me @thomas_matomo and sorry again @Sampath, I’m working at this moment to release new version compatible with Matomo 4.X.


@joubertredrat / @thomas_matomo / @Sampath - Thank you all for looking into this on priority. This is definitely going to help us unblock the upgrade for 4.x. Thanks again !

@siva538 @Sampath I finished updates here and published new version compatible with Matomo 4.X

Before update do backup, backup is always good.


Thank You @joubertredrat, its working.