Matomo on multiple geographically dispersed servers

I have multiple identical hosts, all with the same domain. Using anycast/geo DNS, people are routed to the cloest server.
Obviously, I will have to run separate instances of Matomo, but is there a way I can combine the stats together in the background for an overview across all servers?

mydomain-com (server 1 - AU/NZ) -->
mydomain-com (server 2 - EU) -->
mydomain-com (server 3 - US/CA) -->
mydomain-com (server 4 - Asia) -->

–> into one Matomo view for mydomain-com


You can check out this FAQ:

Does Piwik work in a load balanced environment? How do I setup Piwik for high scale tracking? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

But I think it talks about one DB and multiple webservers.

Thanks Lukas.

I have already looked at that article prior to posting the above. It’s advice is probably less than optimal for muy requirements because it assumes the central DB cluster is on the same local network as all the web servers.

In this case the web srvers are geographically disprsed so latency could become an issue?