Matomo not register traking visits

I have installed Matomo on my server. But it does not register visits. If I enter from another IP or a friend enters, keep saying 0 the counter.

What am I doing wrong? I have an activated plugin that is blocking visits?

Thank you.


Probably the error is that the Tracking Script can’t send the data.
Can you open your browsers developer tools on your website and check if there are any errors on the Javascript console or failed requests on the network tab?
Maybe you have an adblocker or DoNotTrack in your browser enabled.

Hi i have the same problem. The tracking script is in place (it creates the script above the )
i don’t see any errors in console. there are no failed request in the network TAB.
everything looks ok… but no vistis are counted. tried from several machine and phones … nothing.
how can i debug/test Matomo?


If nothing appears to be wrong, the next step would be (temporarily) enabling debugging:

That way Matomo shows an extensive log to every request. Open the piwik.php?[and_so_on] request in the network tab and you should see the log explaining why the request wasn’t saved.

In my case it was an SSL issue.
Please see the following topic: Not tracking visitors

In any case, browser debugging will help.
If you use Chrome, Navigate to the menu button -> more tools -> developer tools and check the console view. If you see something like Content policy, then is the SSL fault.

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