Matomo Mobile 2 HTTP error "bad request"

We are using Matomo 4.2.1 and trying to login via the Matomo Mobile 2 iOS app. However, when we try to login we are getting the following error:

Network Error
There was an error “HTTP error”. The request returned the status “bad request”. URL was “”. Please check your entered URL and the error logs on this server for more information about the error and how to resolve it.

I’ve check the error logs at both the server level and matomo’s debugger and have not found anything useful.

I’ve tried different users including users with easier passwords to make sure it wasn’t a url encoding issue. I’ve tried super users, write users, and read users. We have multiple sites so I tried creating a user that has permissions to just one site. Nothing has helped.

The site is behind load balancer, but I’ve tried hitting the server directly. Both had the same failing result.

I’ve looked through the source code of both the mobile app and matomo and from what I can see they seem to be fine, but the app still fails. From what I could see from the mobile app, I put together what I think the url that is being requested: Mobile 2

This link works fine and returns a json object with the value. But for some reason, if this is the same url used within the iOS app, it fails.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I noticed the mobile app was using POST instead of GET to send the info. I switched to using a POST and received the same 400 Bad Request error. I’m now in talks with our network/server admins to see if they have something blocking POST requests.

I’ll reply with further details if we get this resolved.

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