Matomo Marketplace not visible in settings



The Matomo Marketplace in the SaaS environment seems to be disabled. Could someone tell me how to enable this?

I am using the Startup plan.


(Jason) #2


The Marketplace is not available on the cloud. Which plugin did you want to enable?



I really want to use the next plugins:

  • Search Monitor
  • Google Authenticator
  • AOM (!)


Hi Jason,

Did you notice my last post?


Hi Jason,

Did you notice my last post?

(Jason) #6

Hi Helmut.

Sorry for the delay.

Currently none of these are available on the Cloud. We will have an update about AOM in the new year.



Thank you Jason.

What about the Tag Manager? All of those plugins/features are available in the free on premise version.

Is the Tag Manager also unavailable in the Cloud version?

(Jason) #8


The Tag manager will be available in Matomo 3.7.0, before the end of the year.