Matomo Log Analytics is unable to show visitor's IP

I am using Matomo Log Analytics. I can see in Actions->Pages, Matomo is showing unique pageviews. But, in the Visitor Map, it is showing the same IP (IP of my web server) as IP of users.

Now, unique pageviews are supposed to be calculated based on visits from unique IPs. As this number is looking correct one, my assumption is Matomo is able to get real IP of users. But, it cannot reflect that in the Visitor Map. I have already installed GeoIP module. Also, I am using Cloudflare.

So, my question is, how to reflect visits from countries correctly in Visitors Map for Matomo Log Analytics with Cloudflare. I have already configured Matomo as is explained here How do I configure Piwik when the server is installed behind a proxy? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Please advise.

As far as I’m aware, a unique visitor is calculated on more than the IP.

Could you provide a short snippet of the access log you are importing?