Matomo is updating the tracking-data only after one day


I’m setting up Matomo for our universities website. The tracking works fine per se , but the tracking-data is only shown in Matomo after one day. I did a lot of research but I didn’t find anything that could help me to fix that. Our testers want the data updatet all 5 minutes. Is there some configuration that I’ve missed, where I could set the update time to 5 minutes?

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Are you hosting Matomo yourself or using Matomo Cloud?

In case you are hosting Matomo yourself:

I’d recommend you to set up a cronjob to automatically update the reports e.g. every 5 minutes:

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve set it up. But in the manual is written that it will update every hour at 5 minutes past. What dpo I have to put in the configuration, that it updates all 5 minutes?


Every 5 minutes can be specified with */5 * * * * as you can see e.g. on