Matomo is down when we archive reports

Hello Community !

So i’ve been working on matomo for a whole year now and i’ve been creating custom plugins for custom repports that we need, Our website get a number of 30K events daily from 1K visitors which is a small number for matomo.

We are less than 100K pageview/month running on a ubuntu server 20.04 of a CPU ( Xeon(R) CPU E5-1620 v2 @ 3.70GHz ) with 8 Cores and 9 Ram and a Disk of 1T SSD.

last week we had a rise of visitors to 8k unique visitors a day and generated around 500K / day for two days. matomo was down the whole time because of the amount of the event he is re-archiving each time. so i had a some questions i hope you could help me .

  • for reports with today in the arguments does matomo fetch the whole day log event ( from 00 to the current hour ) and re-generates the report for it ?
  • do we need to scale up our server ? to a better configuration ?
  • is there any recommandations i could do to have a better performance ?
  • We are making a new dashboard and the dashboard components requests multiple matomo plugins and it takes time to load, should i re-archive the all data in the same plugin ?

i hope that you can help me ,
Thank you for your time and for your help!


How do you archive? The best is with CRON…

I also hope your custom plugins don’t launch any archive… as it would be redundant with the one launched by CRON…

Thank you for your response

yes we do use CRON to auto-archive all the log data every 2 hours
also our plugins do use their own archivers

what we are trying to figure out is that should we scale up our server ?
and most of all get a deeper understanding about the current day calculation

I won’t be able to help you on the sizing. However, you’ll be able to find some information about archiving there: