Matomo install on different location than actual websites

I know I can install Matomo on a different server than where the actual websites are located.
However is there any detrimental performance if say the Matomo install server is located in Dallas TX, and the website is located on a server in Amsterdam Netherlands? Would it be better to also host Matomo on a server in Amsterdam(or western europe)?

I’d say as long as the server you are using (i.e. Dallas TX) is fast, then you shouldn’t have problems.

The way you can test this is have the Matomo installation on Dallas TX server and check the page load on your Amsterdam server (on an Amsterdam user IP or whatever other location IP your users are using); check the load time of the site with Matomo JS on it and without Matomo JS on it – > this should give you an indication if the Dallas TX server is slow or is it just a few milliseconds difference (un-noticeable).

So I’d say it depends on the quality of the server.

That being said, personally I use a server for Matomo in the same country as the server on which websites are hosted (separate servers), and quality servers make a big difference in my experience.

@Easton, Thank you for the advice, much appreciated!