Matomo for Wordpress: "problem occurred" when accessing privacy pages

Hello all,
I am trying to set up the Matomo Analytics for wordpress. When I click on Privacy & GDPR on one of the entries, for example “Anonymise data and IP addresses”, I am greeted by a page in vanilla-html and a message telling me “Oops… a problem occurred during the request. The server may have been temporarily overloaded, or perhaps you requested a report with too much data. Please try again.” (Originally in german, translated). It also happens accessing Reporting and Tag manager.

I uninstalled the plugin and set it up again. The PHP error logs show no Matomo-related logs, the regular logs just show that I’ve accessed the privacy page, but nothing special.

Thank you for your help.

Is there any JavaScript error, or any HTTP error? (see in the browser consoles)

@heurteph-ei thank you, there actually was. The browser console stated “Resource blocked by client”. The Browser-Add-On “Ghostery” blocked some things and made it look buggy. Deactivating Ghostery helped.