Matomo dont track visitors

Hey guys,

Matomo don’t track any statistics since january. I got following error:

Letzter erfolgreicher Abschluss der Archivierung
Die Archivierung ist zuletzt am Mittwoch, 3. November 2021 07:47:01 erfolgreich gelaufen, also vor 237 Tage 23:34:13

Please help me out guys…

In order to start to find a solution, do the real-time / visit log still work?
Or is it only archiving process (for all other graphs)?

The real time track everything.

Maybe try to invalidate reports data (eg. for January):

does not work… please help us out

@innocraft do you have any clue?

Hi @JMVision ,

This error suggests that there is something wrong with your archiving process and it seems like it ran successfully in November 2021. Could you please check your server logs and see why it is failing.