Matomo doesn't track ~20% of orders

Hey everyone,

our client tracks e-commerce conversions in his shop with Matomo (innocraft cloud solution). We noticed that roughly 20% of the e-commerce orders are not tracked at all. The shop uses “Shopware” and thenumber of orders in the Shopware backend is always 15-20% higher than the amount of tracked orders shown in the Matomo backend.

I eliminated following sources of error:

  • “Do not track”: Is not active, everyone gets tracked. I checked the settings and I tried it myself. Even with “Do not track” on I get tracked by Matomo, so it can’t be this
  • People not using JavaScript: People not using JavaScript are still tracked via pixel image. Even though it is not tracked as conversion but simply as page visit, the visitor still gets tracked. But in our case the missing orders are not even tracked as page views

What else could it be? I compared the missing orders and they don’t seem to have anything in common that could give a clue to why they are not getting tracked.

Has anyone an idea what the error could be?

Thanks and regards,


Just a quick note: I think you are missing the largest source of errors: People using Adblockers.


Ooooh okay! That was new to me. Thanks, I will look into that!

Adblock Plus will block every default Matomo configuration (piwik.js) if you use EasyList Germany+EasyList.

In addition EasyPrivacy which is quite common in all major adblockers, blocks the get parameter Matomo uses to track a page view, so just renameing piwik.js/piwik.php doesn’t help much.

Thanks guys, I’ll have to wait for a response from our client in order to further investigate on this issue.

Quick question: this wouldn’t be an issue if we would implement the tracking on server-side, would it?

PHP-Tracking or LogAnalytics would not have this problem.