Matomo create a new user in the visitor log after the checkout intead

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit confused on Matomo behaviour with Woocommerce.

An exemple to understand :

  • Visitor A navigate on my website
  • Visitor A decide to buy something
  • I see him on the visitor log until the checkout
  • if the visitor A decide to pay, he leaves our website to pay on a payment provider (payzen)
  • Matomo show a new order on the visitor log but as a new visitor B
  • I see visitor A again when he come back on the confirmation page after his payment

How to keep the order on the same visitor card ? He has the same ip, resolution, browsers…

I use Matomo Cloud and Woocommerce with wordpress at their latest version.

Thanks for your help !

Not very sure, but either assigning the session with userid or visitor_id may solve your issue.

Not sure, I have already enable tracking by user id, but even login user show a separate order in the visitor log.

This look like this

We encounter the same behavior, since the 3.13.0…the 30 min merge not work anymore, seems need to assign the visit session id/visitor_id to solve it.