Matomo 3.9.0: No entry or class found for 'EnableDbVersionCheck'

After updating Matomo from 3.7.0 to 3.9.0 I’m getting an error I cannot get past:

No entry or class found for ‘EnableDbVersionCheck’

The only reference to EnableDbVersionCheck is in core/FrontController.php:

        if (!StaticContainer::get('EnableDbVersionCheck')) {

According to console core:update the database is up-to-date:

Everything is already up to date.

If I comment this check out, it works just fine and Matomo loads. Any pointers as to what the cause is and how I can resolve this? The search on the forums and Google didn’t uncover any leads unfortunately.


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In your global.php should be a line for this, see New setting to disable Db version check, and do not show update screen when auto update disabled by tsteur · Pull Request #14058 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub.


Very interesting: I didn’t have any mention of EnableDbVersionCheck in my global.php. Adding this and setting this to true (default value) resolved the problem.

Its a bit odd though to have such an error with something that isn’t explicitly in the config file.


Can you check your integrity checker (system check)?

It should complain if your global.php isn’t as it should be.

The File integrity section complains about a lot of files (its a massive list with “File to delete” which shouldn’t be deleted since they are a part of Matomo) but at the end it does say:

File size mismatch: /var/www/config/global.php (expected length: 6218, found: 8065)

But nothing that about it missing entries or has entries that do not exist or anything.


I’d really recommend you to replace all files with the ones from the latest zip from Download Matomo Free Web Analytics Tool - #1 Open Source Analytics

See here for more info: